This report contains the finds of CARF’s site survey of North Okanagan Youth & Family Services Society conducted January 26, 2022-January 28, 2022. This report includes the following information:

  • Documentation of the accreditation decision and the basis for the decision as determined by CARF’s consideration of the survey findings.
  • Identification of the specific program(s)/service(s) and location(s) to which is accreditation decision applies.
  • Identification of the CARF surveyor(s) who conducted the survey and an overview of the CARF survey process and how conformance to the standards was determined.
  • Feedback on the organization’s strengths and recognition of any areas where the organization demonstrated exemplary conformance to the standards.
  • Documentation of the specific sections of the CARF standards that were applied on the survey.
  • Recommendations for improvement in any areas where the organization did not meet the minimum requirements to demonstrate full conformance to the standards.
  • Any consultative suggestions documented by the surveyor(s) to help the organization improve its program(s)/service(s) and business operations.