North Okanagan Youth and Family Services Society is fully accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). Accreditation attests that an organization meets or exceeds the highest international standards of best practice and is delivering the best quality services to the community it serves. NOYFSS has been re-accredited for a further 3 years, to December 2021. For any questions about CARF accreditation, please contact our Human Resources Manager, Morgan Kirzinger at

“Fundraising activities and events, such as the Back To School Project…

… Adopt A Family/Teen, and Fitness for Family Hockey Challenge, benefit the children, youths, and families served. These events bring together the community that collectively works to better meet the needs of vulnerable and high-risk populations.”

“When appropriate, the programs ensure the active involvement of families as a meaningful and relevant component in the services delivery process.”

“It is evident that staff members genuinely care…

… about providing high-quality services and are conscientious to do the right thing and utilize best practices. There is an overall atmosphere o f respect for the dignity and rights of the children, youths, and families served. Persons served and their families expressed high levels of satisfaction with the services provided and the respect shown by staff.”

“Supervision, mentoring, and role modelling are consistently provided that ensures that staff members are competent to address the needs, hopes and desires of the children, youths, and families they serve.”

“NOYFSS has a long-established history and an excellent reputation…

…in the communities it serves for responding to the complex needs of the children and youth served. Stakeholders interviewed reported a strong regard for the organization’s willingness to provide programming and exceptional services. During the survey, NOYFSS was recognized by the Permier’s Innovation Award for its “Connect Parent” program.”

“The staff is resilient and steadfast in its commitment to work with individuals who struggle with complex issues and are often the most vulnerable populations. it goes above and beyond to fulfill the needs, desires, and wants of the children, youths, and families served.”

“NOYFSS has an exceptional collaborative relationship…

…with the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD). To better meet the needs of the individuals served, staff members of NOYFSS and MCFD meet regularly to discuss referrals and problem solve issues of concern.”

“A unique practice is that leadership meets with MCFD to review and negotiate its annual contracts, which allows for smooth, continuous service delivery.”

“The commitment and passion of the leaders and the dedication, skills, and knowledge…

… of the line staff are trademarks of the organization. Their commitment to their jobs and the persons and families served is remarkable. They serve as positive role models for the children, youths, and adults served and family members.”

“Many of the existing staff members have worked in numerous programs throughout their career at NOYFSS. The advantage is staff retention, and staff members are given the opportunity to find their niche, use their talens, and be the best they can be.”

“The newly renovated residence, Mara House, for children and youths…

… allows for privacy and personalized space. The environment has all the comforts and nurturance of home. There are additional amenities, such as a game area, music corner, in-house laundry, craft areas, and an outdoor playground.”

“In spite of a high level of monitoring, the overall atmosphere is warm, welcoming, and child and youth friendly.”

“Staff members referred to working at NOYFSS as working with their “family”. …

… Personal considerations and well-being are taken into account in many ways; for example, staff meetings begin with rounds to hear how the staff members are doing personally, and this is also addressed during supervision and performance evaluations. Even the children of staff come often to visit the workplace as they feel part of this family.”


“The executive director and leadership team members are caring, creative, and competent…

…as they manage their many functions and responsibilities. They value the organization’s staff members and work together with them to ensure that they have the support and resources needed to enhance individualized programs and services. Program staff describes the management team as approachable, emphatic, and supportive.”

“NOYFSS is a leader in incorporating evidence-based practices in its programs and services and puts forth tremendous effort to ensure that staff members are fully trained on current practices in the field.”

“The teamwork atmosphere is felt as soon as anyone walks through the doors…

… of the organization. It is evident that all members of the organization work together in a harmonious manner that is contagious and effective in providing services to children, youths, families and itself. The demonstration of these positive relationships serves as a strong role model for the children and youths.”

“NOYFSS’ commitment to transparency is evidenced by the provision of critical information in a timely manner. This leads to high morale and confidence in the organization and its ability to meet needs.”

“NOYFSS is led by a cadre of dedicated, enthusiastic, and involved board members…

who demonstrate their commitment by donating their time to attending meetings to further the goals, accomplishments, future growth, and success of the organization. The relationship with the leadership is dynamic, resulting in a strong leadership culture.”

“The leadership is aware of trends and needs in the community it serves and has positioned itself to be a provider of choice for persons served, families, community organizations, and other stake holders.”

North Okanagan Youth & Family Services Society


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