Youth Services

youth services

Parent Teen Conflict

For families experiencing a high degree of conflict in parent-teen relationships. Families can access a counsellor that offers: consultation, education, mediation and support. This service is offered to both parents and teens.

There is a parenting group specifically for parents who have conflict with their teen(s). Focus is on: communication, boundary setting, and conflict resolution. Teen group runs at the same time to share similar information and skills.

For more information on this program and/or group, please contact Craeg at (250) 545-3572.

Youth at Risk

Supports youth in increasing positive youth engagement, skill building, reducing high-risk behaviours, and providing an environment that is non-threatening and youth-friendly. Service may include a short-term intervention, referral to appropriate resources, connection to mental health among others. Youth may self-refer, or may be referred by one of a variety of other service providers. 

For information on this program, or to self-refer, please call (250) 545-3572

Youth Agreements

Supports youth in:

  • living independently
  • completing their education
  • finding suitable employment
  • life skill development

Youth aged 16 to 19 are referred by MCFD. A social worker assesses youth for eligibility of a Youth Agreement.

Independent Living Program

Similar to Youth Agreement, this program is for youth who are in care of the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD).

For information on the Independent Living Program, please contact MCFD Intake office at (250) 558-2700.


Youth Justice

youth justice

Re-Direct & Intensive Support and Supervision Program (ISSP)

A program for youth on probation, who have been referred to the program by the courts. Service focuses on:

  • life skills development
  • community integration and recreation
  • individual support
  • employment support

For more information on this program, please contact Youth Probation at MCFD at (250) 558-2770.